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Joy Standard School was officially opened on  29th September, 1992 after gaining an Accreditation from the Ghana Education Service with Grade “A’’ status in the (G.E.S) educational  system. Joy Standard School is situated at Atonsu behind Ahinsan SDA Church, in Kumasi, Feyiase behind R/C Primary School and Esreso High Tension. It is made up of people with very efficient and high moral values, dedicated, committed toward self – discipline, valued parents and children which will enable them achieve the Mission of “Guiding children to discover their true purpose in life and equipping them to pursue it passionately” as well as our Vision which is “To become a centre of excellent education for the total development of the Ghanaian child”.

In September 2003 a Senior High School was established to offer five programmes (General Arts, General Science, Business, Home Economics and Visual Arts).
While the focus of Joy Standard Schools have been on quality and not the size, the schools have grown from 12 students in 1992 to over 2,000 students on three campuses in 2014/2015. Throughout this time of growth, the commitment to Christ and excellence in education has not wavered.



We work with professionals and graduate teachers.
Teachers do not only teach but are also relationship managers of pupils.


Strong ICT department
Excellent Academic Arrangement – quality teaching, learning, task schedules and prompt feedback
Graduation and Speech and Prize-giving Days
Excellent Supervision and Monitoring of Studies
Educational Trips/exchange programmes.


Canteen  Services
Bookshop Services
Minimart Services


Dress Codes for Staff and Pupils
Other School Paraphernalia
Good Human Relations and interactive skills
Enhanced relationships (teacher-teacher, teacher pupil, pupil-pupil)


High discipline and moral standards
We inculcate “confidence’’ and a “can do’’ spirit in our pupils such that each child will develop his/her God given talent and potential.


Each person works to contribute towards the achievement of the mission & vision statement of the organization.
Self discipline


There is NO discrimination in respect of pupil’s admission or staff engagement on the grounds of the under-listed:


We encourage team work among our pupils
Management, teaching staff & non teaching staff work as a team towards the achievement of our Mission & Vision Statement


Physical Education schedules
Sports fiesta & healthy competitions
End of year parties
Co-ordination between school & home to bring out the best in our pupils

Prize and award to best teachers and pupils


1.    HEALTH

  • A child who falls sick in school will be given the relevant first aid as deemed fit or sent to the hospital.
  • It is expected that a sick child will stay away from school until he/she has fully recovered.
  • In the event of an accident at school, the child is immediately taken to the hospital and parents informed as soon as possible.
  • A child with any form of contagious disease is advised to stay away from school until he/she has fully recovered. Contagious disease like cough, rash (cradle spot,) etc in children should NOT be brought to school when they are sick.

2.   TIME

School begins at 7:00am and closes at 3:30 pm. However, the school’s gate is closed at 8:00 am to facilitate effective teaching and learning. A grace period of one hour is given after school. Parent are encouraged to pick their children up on time to enable the children prepare for the ensuing day.


  • The child’s uniform should be clean and mended always.
  • Extra clothes and diapers should be added for changing. (Pre-school)
  • The girl child should always keep hair as neat as possible. Hair should be neatly and shortly braided or short combed.
  • Pupils should come to school with black or white sneakers/ shoes and white socks on the days that the school’s print is worn and any comfortable footwear on the days that the T-shirt is worn.



  • Snack for the child should be wholesome.
  • Snack should most of the time be of varieties so that the child does not get bored with it.
  • Lunch is compulsory for ALL pupils except where there is doctor’s advice.

Parents should supervise, inspect, sign and give comments to all homework before it is returned to school. If the homework is not submitted consistently on three occasions, the parent will be invited to a meeting with the teacher and management.


1.To raise a new generation of entrepreneurs, corporate, visionary and influential leaders who are very trustworthy, efficient, team players, dedicated and committed to their assigned roles and responsibilities and are willing to take up challenges that result positively in this changing business world. We aim to achieve this through academic excellence, exchange programmes, professionalism, exposure and guiding our children morally and spiritually to discover their true selves and equip them to pursue it passionately.

2.To create a state of the art education that enables children to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to be corporate leaders with vision and very trustworthy and influential; dedicated and committed to their given roles.

3.To create a state of the art education that meets the expectations of parents and children. This holistic integration of academic, social, spiritual and moral training is our desire.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions compiled with answers to enable parents and children with their school selection process.

Why must parents enrol their precious wards in Joy Standard School and not the others?

Joy Standard School is not new; it has both administrative team and teachers who are experienced in educational system. Over ninety percent (90%) of the staff have been here for more than five years with academic excellence and efficiency.

Which curriculum do you offer?

Joy Standard School offers the Ghana Education Service curriculum from crèche through Senior High School. In Form three (3) students are expected to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE0 or West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) after going through series of mock examinations to prepare them come out with flying colours.
What time does your school day begin and what time does it end?

The school day begins at 7.00.am and ends at 3.30pm for crèche to Senior High School (SHS) students.
How many breaks do the students have in a school day?
There are three breaks for every student. The times vary per section and class of the student.

Is there a school lunch service, or can my child brings in his / her own food?

A School canteen is situated on the school campus. A pre-paid cooked meal and snack services are available for our students. Students ONLY have the option of bringing in packed lunch to school based on Doctor’s report.
Is the Ghanaian nationality the only one represented at the school?
No. There are different nationalities represented at Joy Standard School.

How large are your class sizes?

Our class size is restricted to thirty-five (35) pupils in each. In the Lower Primary Section, each class has a dedicated, qualified teacher and full time teaching assistant. From the Upper primary to the JHS level it is subject teaching that is done.
Where are your teachers from?
Joy Standard School is proud of the diversity amongst its student body and staff. We have teachers from Ghana and other nationalities.

Do you have a co-curricular programme?

Joy Standard School has a co-curricular programme which means that non-academic activities are acknowledged as being just as important as classroom learning. There are different clubs available for students. Clubs include drama club, writers, reading and debate, catering, cadet, drumming, tennis, music and many more. Every child is expected to choose at least one club per term.
English is not my child’s first language. Can we still enrol him/her?
In the Ghanaian economy, made up of diverse people from all walls of the world, we recognize that our students come from very different backgrounds and many may not speak English as a first language. Joy Standard School has dedicated teachers to support students who speak English as a second language. Your child will be assessed in order for us to develop a personal learning plan that will meet the needs of your child and ensure a successful academic outcome.
My child has a disability. Will they still be accepted at the school?
It is very discretional. With the school’s motto: Humility and Service, we welcome children from all backgrounds, race, creeds and abilities. We have a number of children with learning difficulties and disabilities thriving at the school. As with all children, your child will be assessed and meetings will be held with the parents and teachers to ensure that G.E.S. can accommodate your child’s needs effectively.
Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call on 020-8141096 for answers to your questions or specific queries.


Safe custody of your child
Flexible payment of fees
Simple admission process/procedure
Effective human relations
Helping the children to develop their true selves
Easy and immediate access to child’s progress


Joy Standard School boasts of well furnished computer laboratories and libraries which will assist children in their studies.
With 24 hours access of high speed internet, no information is too far away for accessing.
Our comfortable libraries will inculcate the all-important habit of reading in our wards at a tender age. The toilet facilities, playgrounds and school premises have been put together with excellence in mind.
The culture of maintenance is held in very high esteem at Joy Standard School; hence consistency in cleanliness is be maintained.
In rare occasions where a child may fall ill, a fully furnished recovery ward with a qualified resident nurse is on hand to administer first aid.
At Joy Standard School, your search for suitable education for your ward is over.

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