Excecutive Directors
Mrs Christina Donkor

Dear Guest,

Thank you for the interest in Joy Standard Schools. Our schools take great pride in providing long life learning opportunities to young people and families from Pre-school through to Senior High School.

Education they say is the best legacy one can give to his/her child(ren). If you are in the process of seeking a placement for your ward(s), for quality education with eternity in view, i recommend Joy Standard school to all parents/guardians who want their wards to reach greater heights in education. God richly bless you for visiting our website.

Mr. Stephen Donkor

Dear families,

We all want our children to grow up to be what the Lord has designated them to be. At Joy Standard Schools, our mission to produce leaders with the fear of God in their hearts ready to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

I invite you to continue visiting our website and ultimately partnering with us in the development and nurturing of your wards as they begin or continue their exciting Pre-school, Basic, Junior and Senior High School at Joy Standard Schools.

With Joy Standard School, the future of your ward(s) is well assured.